introducing… sresreveR eht

3 November, 2006

Happy NaBloPoMo day 3, everyone.

As part of my ongoing battle against stagnation, I am almost ready to unleash the Reversers.

Who are the Reversers? What are the Reversers? …are the Reversers?

Read on for an excerpt from ‘the Reversers – yhpargoiB ehT

…as ‘The Modern Condition – The Rock Group‘ faded too soon from the modern rock scene the punters lay silent and bereaved, tumbleweed blew through our streets and our iPods, and babies cried relentlessly. But on the horizon, a new light was beginning to shine. The world could rock once more…

Gitso the Electronic Claptrap Machine was beating a beat as precise as a metronome on a bit of a lean. Andy G was nodding like a back-bencher to the bomp-bomp bass. And the sphinx-like 6120 was painting splendid colours of under-tuned guitars, while blathering madly like a compendium of 5th form poetry.

the Reversers were gathering the raw particles of sound, and forcing them into rigid binary structures, interpreted by silver machines that were warm to the touch. The punters were on their feet again, running. iPods were re-syncing. Babies slept soundly.

…alt.punk would never be the same again…



5 Responses to “introducing… sresreveR eht”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Completely forgot to sign up for NaBloPoMo. Dang.

    Where does a guy like me, far, far, away, go to hear the dulcet tones of the up-and-coming reversers, or share in the nostalgia for The Modern Condition? Does this alt.punk thing of which you speak give me access to such wonders? I’ve long since given up on newsgroups as the signal-to-noise ratio is generally unbearable, but if there’s good loud music to be found there I’ll have to put on my boots and wade in.

  2. bookboy Says:

    I can only hope that The Reversers manage to resist the common fate of “artistic differences”. Combining such a diverse collection of talent is always fraught with danger. Or is it “fraught with daggers”. I never can remember.

  3. gizo Says:

    Oh dear, sweet Jerry. I haven’t touched a newsgroup since I got kicked out of Uni in ’92. The alt.punk to which I refer has more to do with genrefication than it has to do with news, or talent, or anything really.
    Also, the music of The Modern Condition didn’t really get any further than my first google, which revealed some rather unsavoury associations.
    the Reversers are only just starting, but we’ll keep you informed.
    If you are desperate for some rubbish, you can always check the SongFight! archives for music by gizo, or the melon like heads. Or fire me an email and I can maybe organise to get you something from the Steinbecks – a real band for whom I bass.

  4. vetti Says:

    the reversers, eh? i am intrigued…hope this mass of talent is not fraught with daggers – twould be a shame if you got damaged.

  5. Squozen Says:

    …i am full of cry that i do not appear to be a member of the reversers…

    giz, i’m going to be in heathmont tomorrow (saturday), are you going to be home? giz manor is not far from said suburb……

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