31 October, 2006

iPod: bringer of forgotten musics.

iClavdivs has all of my musics on it. So many musics that I have forgotten existed.

One such music is ‘Maybe Tonight‘ by The Knack. You may remember The Knack from their resurgent hit ‘My Sharona‘, which was quite obvious, and built around a bassline, an unsettling lyrical content, and some heavy breathing.

Maybe Tonight‘ is a different kettle of fish. Doug Fieger eschews the rather unsavoury attitude to women, and instead gives us a beautiful little pop gem. It starts with a simple picked guitar melody, and a gentle organ underlay, then into Fieger’s soft lyrics, which only takes two lines before it just into the money-shot, as Fieger sings ‘but I…‘, there’s a swell, and the introduction of some sparse backwards drumbeats, which leads into the chorus.

There are nicely subdued harmonies and varied inflections on the high notes. I really enjoy the way the melody changes just ever so slightly in the choruses, with the lilt being produced by the main vocal, then later by the harmony, just mixing it up a bit. Nicely done.

There’s also a more deliberate beat for the middle 8, which opens out nicely back to the chorus.

Frankly, it’s all good, and I’m glad that iClavdivs re-introduced me to the sweeter side of The Knack.


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