the domain game

26 October, 2006

So now has given us the opportunity to purchase a domain through them, and forward our blog to it. Or whatever they do….(Details here)

$15 (US) per annum isn’t much at all, but is already taken, so I’m out. What about you? You in? Or maybe you have another domain suggestion for me?


11 Responses to “the domain game”

  1. gruntski Says:

    hmmmm. mines free, but I have to wait til next payday to put some dosh on the credit card….

    I like the sound of I like it a lot.

  2. Squozen Says:

    You could always buy a domain for that kind of money…. but why not



  3. gruntski Says:

    I got one….

  4. seebs Says:

  5. vetti Says: ? ? ? ?

  6. seebs Says:

  7. vetti Says:

  8. gizo Says:

    CRIKEY! You guys are full of ideas. Who would’ve thunk it? I know smarty thinkers!

  9. vetti Says:

    maybe, but i’ll bet is taken. how about ?

  10. gruntski Says:

    or for that medieval type:

    or for those still living in the 80’s:
    (they had moon-boots, why not moon pants)

    Or for those country folk

    or for those purple things you used to wear, giz, back in ‘the day’…

    that’s it. I’m out.

  11. vetti Says: – for the tailored man about town – for ravers – for patterned trouser guys everywhere

    i really like chequered intelligence, gruntski! ? just because…

    ouch! my head hurts.

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