my eyes, it burns!

25 October, 2006

Hewlett Packard, explain this…..


7 Responses to “my eyes, it burns!”

  1. bookboy Says:

    Looks like another accessory for the … Urban tool

  2. Squozen Says:

    I bet Apple are shaking.

  3. antman Says:

    Unfortunately Dell beat them to the punch and have had “personalisation” available as an option for a while now (at least in the US). The big thing here is to do up your PC or notebook in the colours and logo of your favourite ivy league college

    Looks as though “ugly” is the new black this season.

    Still, there is no excuse for it

  4. gruntski Says:

    Watch the movie with robin williams, something about photo development; I can’t quite remember what it’s called. One hour photos or something. Check out the computer gear in that. Lovely woodgrain. Ahhhh custom wood. Veneer. Carcinogenic glue. What more could you ask for really?

  5. gruntski Says:

    Seebs, there is a movie with robin williams in it (and I totally stuffed up which one it was-sorry)and it was to do basically a life-long video recording. I have no idea what the name of the movie is, yet the computer equipment in it was all done in a lovely woodgrain finish. I wish Giz would delete my previous comment, submitted whilst under the affluence of incahol, and edit this one appropriately.

    Found it!! It’s called “The Final Cut”. I can’t even remember if I liked the movie or not, but the computer gear in it was great.

  6. gruntski Says:,_The/gallery/FINALCUTMOVIE06/

    this link shows robin williams with his “laptop” in the movie.

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