when technology works

23 October, 2006

Technology is so often a turd – an unecessary complication to our lives. But yesterday, the big folks in technology land got it right.

Way back in the earlier months of this year Mr and Mrs Antman left our shores for two long years of post-doctoral research in the US of A. When they left there was only a bump in Mrs Gizo’s belly, and nothing at all in Mrs Treddly‘s.

Recently, the good people at Skype released a beta version of Video Skype for the Mac. For my Mac. Soon after that, the Antman family purchased their own personal computer for use in their own personal home. Well, one thing led to another, and yesterday happened.

Timing is a magical thing. We were set for a glorious sunny Sunday, with wonderful plans for a backyard picnic with The Treddly Family, including a super-duper happy puppy. A few hours before lunch, I got a great email from the Antman, saying that he’d just got a webcam, and that he had Skype all sorted. After a few minutes of folding sheets and general cleaning up, my cognitive cogs caught up with the information, and I had a realisation. I fired off a rapid email to the Antpeople, and formulated a plan (another small win for technology – a hasty email is legible, whereas a hasty note is a wasted scrawl of ink).

So, the Treddly Family arrived, got into the house, and there on the laptop screen were the Antpeople. It was a strange re-union, but remarkably brilliant. The Antpeople got to see HardMan Harvey, and the lump in Mrs Treddly. We got to see Antman’s stubble, and the tiny little apartment. It was all good. All of it.


Except that the bloody Antpeople had been out to see Pedro The Lion playing live and acoustically, and I had not.


5 Responses to “when technology works”

  1. vetti Says:

    isn’t technology wonderful? maybe the antpeople could invite pedro the lion over next time…?

  2. seebs Says:

    Hey thanks again for the lunch and the backyard and the sun and the laptop with the skyping antpeople. Much fun!

    …. and I scored two bikes! I still can’t believe you just gave them to me like that?!

  3. gizo Says:

    vet – that’d be a cracker. a little lounge-room concerto frmo the Bazan… I’ll have a word to the Antman…
    seeber – just make sure those bikes don’t escape and go running trought the park, m-kay?

  4. antman Says:

    Yeah, thanks Giz and co (and seebs and co). The skyping was awesome fun. It was so good to see you (moving) faces again and to finally meet an animated HMH.

    We just took back the webcam and swapped it for a better one – based on what we learned the other night.

    Oh, yeah and did actually wait for my turn to shake the hand of Mr Bazan after the show, thanked him and told him that he needs to apease the Aussie fans with a tour. He sounded keen…so you never know. BTW his new solo album is very nice…

  5. gizo Says:

    @antman – i look forward to hearing it – I am a little loathe to buy any more CD’s over the internets at the moment though, after the bloody Pernice saga.
    Have you heard Bazan’s ‘Headphones’ album?

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