18 October, 2006

So I gots me an iPod. It’s white, and can play video bits.

But, now what?

Link me to your favourite cases, podcasts, musics, videos and advicings…. Or just laugh at me – your choice.


15 Responses to “so….”

  1. book boy Says:

    My favourite music is on CDs on my shelf, and in my wife’s iPod, and in the record store, and in the heads of people with names like Marsalis. Not sure if you can download it from there.

    But welcome to the digital revolution. Mmmm.

  2. book boy Says:

    Oh, and look at if you want an fancy schmancy case.

  3. gizo Says:

    bookboy – i may have to steal yr CD’s and some people’s heads. I wont go near mrs. bookboy’s iPod thogh – she might hurt me…..
    I have sen the vaja cases, and considered that it would be greatly funny to carry an argeninian leather case into the home of my in-laws, who are still hurting from ‘the hand of god’ so many years ago…

  4. bookboy Says:

    You could also get one of these…

    Some might argue the name of the company pretty much describes what you are if you wear their stuff.

  5. gizo Says:

    ah, Mr Squozen, TubeSock is all well and good, but for the copious amounts of crap that must be waded through. Also, do you think it shall continue to be useful in the new, GooTube world?

  6. gizo Says:

    bookboy! you are right, he really is an Urban Tool.. crikey!

  7. bookboy Says:

    and you can be one too.
    for just $198!!!???
    By jingoes, I only just looked at the price.

  8. Squozen Says:

    Giz, that GooTube concern is the reason I haven’t paid for Tubesock yet… just putting it out there.. 🙂

  9. Squozen Says:

    Oh, oh!

    Subscribe to Strongbad, yesssss!

  10. Squozen Says:

    And naturally, the iPod version of the video I like so much…

  11. gizo Says:

    I am already on the Strongbad train, oh yes!
    I shall look at the little explorer, thanks.

  12. vetti Says:

    having so far resisted the ipod madness, i can only offer the following suggestions:
    – wire up an old boombox/table radio to conceal newness of ipod ( check out retrothing for table radio )
    – buy a trashy hardcover book hollowed out to fit ipod ( see thedesignblog for some )
    – select a pic you like and get it made into a one-off, embroidered ipod case ( see )
    – ask mrs gizo ist bug to felt you a case
    – convert a metal tin or junk food package you like ( see for a bubblegum wrapper ipod cosy )
    heh…should keep you busy for a while?

  13. crumpet Says:

    and if mrs gizo ist bug rejects you, ask me to felt (or make in some other crazy way) you a case.

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