more gentle Google bashing

11 October, 2006

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to pretend that I am organised. And to do that, I have been using another of Google’s wonderful web-based applications: Google Calendar.

Before my legion of Mac fans start abusing me for not using iCal, please keep in mind that I spend more computer hours at work, without the Mac. Mrs Giz has probably spent more time on the Shiny than I have to date. So I need something that I can access from work, but also have access to at home.

The biggest problem with applications like this is the user, me. I am lazy and disorganised, and find it remarkably easy to miss a day, not check the calendar, not put somethnig on it, and et-cetera.

The next biggest problem with Google Calendar is it’s colours. Sure, I have to option to select a colour for my calendar, but I want more. More colours. Not more colours to choose from, but more colours to use. I don’t want every damn thing on my calendar to be the same colour. I want my ADO’s to be a sunny colour, but my OnCall to be dark and miserable. I want dentist appointments and picnics to be noticably different. I want to be able to group events and have different colour schemes for each group.

Of course – knowing me, and knowing Google, these things are probably already available somewhere, it’s just that I haven’t lookedhard enough, and Google has made them a bit obscure (like adding a new category in Google Reader, what a piece of nonsense).


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