11 October, 2006

A while ago, I paid a premium to pre-order the upcoming Pernice Brothers album, Live a Little. I did it as an act of goodwill, and because they were throwing in a bonus cd of demos and alternate mixes from a few tracks.

Well, it arrived today. Sent from Spunk Records in Northcote. In an Express Post envelope. The only problem is that there was no copy of Live a Little in the envelope! I got the bonus cd, and I got my invoice. But not the damn cd that I paid a premium for.



6 Responses to “argh!”

  1. gruntski Says:

    Glad to see customer service is alive and well!!!

  2. antman Says:

    Does that mean getting the actual album will be the bonus?

    If you have a spare $10 you can come and see them with us on Dec 5.
    ..and bring HMH because we’d love to meet him.

    ..and I hope you spank Spunk and get yr CD

  3. gizo Says:

    @antman – you are a lucky sod to see them play. They will not tour here because they are too poor and unpopular.
    You know, if you got a webcam and skype you could talk to HMH via the technology….

  4. seebs Says:

    Yeah let’s Skype like it’s 1999!!!!!!!

  5. vetti Says:

    damn cd thieves…can’t trust anybody these days. i have access to a webcam and skype, thanks to j – not that i’ve used them yet!

  6. antman Says:

    GizO (and U2 Seebs) – next week we’ll be picking up a webcam and we’ll skype up a storm. A guy in my lab is going to help me get set up.

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