Google Search – I’m Feeling Slightly Pointless

5 October, 2006

Who uses Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search button?

Not me, that’s for sure. It doesn’t live up to it’s title. It presents as an exciting, daring button, but in reality it does nothing that I couldn’t do for myself with one extra click.

Now, if Google modified it so that it took me straight to a completely random page that matches my search – that would be cool. That would be exciting, daring, bold, and a little ‘out there’.

Imagine going into a bookstore, and saying “I’m feeling lucky! Get me a book!”. You don’t want to walk out with the same book as everyone else (if you wanted that, you would have said ‘give me a labotomy and a Dan Brown’), you want something to take a chance on, something random.

So again I ask – Do you use the “‘I’m Feeling Lucky” button? And why?


5 Responses to “Google Search – I’m Feeling Slightly Pointless”

  1. bookboy Says:

    I’ve never used it & the only time I could imagine seriously using it would be if I wanted something I was confident would be top of the list, like the Telstra website, or QANTAS. It would be more of an “I’m feeling sure”, rather than lucky. But then, is those cases I’d usually have a stab at the URL anyway and skip google.

  2. seebs Says:

    No, I never win…

  3. antman Says:

    I got lucky once. After discussing a long gone childrens show, I performed a search which ultimately had me pissing myself

    Would you rather feel lucky or bolloxed?

  4. vetti Says:

    i feel pretty lucky already, pressing a button won’t do squat…

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