the genre-fication begins

28 September, 2006

Over the last few days I have – as you know – been fighting the good fight against ‘Alternative & Punk’. I’ve been inundated with some great suggestions for new genre’s for my music. You have all been incredibly helpful, and for that I thank you.

I’ve pondered and wondered and puzzled and nuzzled over these suggestions. I have imagined myself sorting through my music in 2 months time, 2 years time, and when Hard Man Harvey is old enough to question my motivations.

And, dear readers, I have come to a decision. I have considered categorising my music based on the seasons, foodstuffs, booze, parts of the house, moods, and much more. And I’m afraid to say, I’ve come up with a solution that you may well declare to be ‘lame-ass’.

As I pondered my future, I realised that in as little as 2 months from now, I would have no idea what ‘Duty-Free Gold’ music was, nor ‘Summer’ nor ‘Crawl Space’. I also pictured a brief moment with Harvey-of-the-future: “Dad, what’s ‘Rotgut’ music? What kind of freak are you?”.

So I’m sorry to say that the oddities are gone. But I haven’t given in to the Gracenote madness. In fact, I am fighting hard against what I see as an over-genrefication of music. At least, it is overdone for my purposes.

You see, I really only have 4 types of music in my collection: Pop, Rock, Classical, and Jazz. So that’s what I’ve gone with. I wont argue my case, just give you some examples from my collection.

In fact , I may only have 3 categories – if anyone wants to come over and find some rock in my collection, please do.


8 Responses to “the genre-fication begins”

  1. book boy Says:

    The ideal classification system is one which enables its user(s) to quickly and easily find whatever they need. If the system that does this best for you is as simple as 3 or 4 categories, then go for it.

    However, you also need to allow for future developments. What if your musical tastes become more diverse? What if you end up with so many pop (or classical) records that you need to get more specific? If you can’t see these questions causing you problems, then ignore them.

    Also, where is the line drawn between rock and pop anyway?

  2. gizo Says:

    Nice Librarian hat, br.other bookboy. I dont know if 3 or 4 categories will suit me best, but it is a whole lot better than 50 with trivial differences.
    In answer to your other questions: I am getting older, therefore my musical tastes actually get less diverse, it is a law of nature.
    I think that the whole genre selection is probably a moot point, to be honest. I don’t really see myself searching for a particular genre. I am more likely to use iTunes smart playlists to find music that has not been listened to for a while, and maybe to ignore the Classical stuff if I am patrying on, dude.
    Maybe I am completely wrong, I am open to suggestions and innovations, just as long as they don’t include ‘Alternative & Punk’

  3. bookboy Says:

    You’re right. I don’t think I’ve ever searched stuff by genre in iTunes either. I might as well classify my entire collection as “music”.

  4. gruntski Says:

    Bookboy… 🙂

  5. gizo Says:

    Oh, that’s good. Yeah. I might go for ‘music’ – it’ll definately be easier to tag everything….

  6. bookboy Says:

    I’ve got another idea. Tomorrow, on my last day in the department that does cataloguing (before moving to youth services) I’m going to recatalogue every book in the library as “book”. It’ll be much less cumbersome than all those silly subject headings and dewey numbers.

  7. seebs Says:

    I’m sad to hear about your musical tastes becoming less diverse as you’re ageing Gizo, you guys should come to Port Fairy Music Festival one year with us. It may well be the remedy you’re after. 🙂

  8. vetti Says:

    reduce it down to 2 categories and have “play loud” and “play quietly” or “party” and “mellow” ??? i know someone who is considering “morning after” and “night before” as their 2 categories….

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