gur gur

28 September, 2006

Hard Man Harvey, the fresh-faced Gosling, is attempting to establish communications with us.

He is delivering his messages in a series of gurgles and sqeaks, accompanied by some jarring hand movements, and canny facial expressions.

We have a team working around the clock , and we should have a basic interpretation ready within the new 72 hours.



5 Responses to “gur gur”

  1. gruntski Says:

    I look forward with eager anticipation to the release of “The Hard Man-Communicating so you don’t have to…”


  2. bookboy Says:

    You could categorize everything he says according to the room in which he says it…

  3. seebs Says:

    Have you tried switching it off and on again?

  4. vetti Says:

    mebbe you need to adjust the rpm on the turntable , or give him a good clean to remove any lint before playing.

  5. Squozen Says:

    A good shaking makes everything alright again…

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