alt.punk vs. the World

27 September, 2006

Following the advice of the Grunter, I have been thinking of some new genres for my music collection.

His wonderful suggestion of house-area genres is good, but in all honesty, there are too many areas. So I pondered back with the 4 season genres. But even still, that’s four differnt things to think about.

So, my latest thoughts are either: Boy/Girl or Tattoo/Tattooless. What thinkest thou?


10 Responses to “alt.punk vs. the World”

  1. seebs Says:

    How about moving it outside? I like the sound of: Fertilizer or Obnoxious Weed .

  2. gizo Says:

    Ooh yeah, I like. The garden theme is appropriate for our house.

  3. antman Says:

    what about dog breeds or bird categories. Some music / bands are like poodles, while others sound like rottweilers.

    Finches and parrots are pop, but I think crows are definitely metal

    Kookaburras are jazz

  4. gruntski Says:

    Ahhh Seebs; I don’t recall you being a fan of Obnoxious Weed…

    Giz: Tree types, maybe?

    Antman; I can’t think of anything smart-arse to write. Sorry.

  5. Squozen Says:

    Nothing says JAZZ like the chicken!


  6. gruntski Says:

    And Giz, I don’t think you will have enough categories with your proposal, unless you add some sub-categories, like the type of Tattoo (military/partner/fantasy/wildlife/historic personage etc). We won’t mention (which means I will anyway) the front-man of a world famous band from the late eighties/nineties who had a tattoo of all the then-band members in skeletal charicature on his forearm.

    We won’t mention that at all./././././

  7. gruntski Says:

    And no, I can’t spell. That’s why I am a public servant.

  8. seebs Says:

    Food would make great genres.

    For example…

    The Go! Team: Californian Roll
    Beck: Magic Gum
    Gomez: Toad in a hole
    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Hot Thai Larp Chicken Salad
    Meatloaf: Meatloaf

    We could go on….. I hope we do!

  9. vetti Says:

    why not genre by time of day and say brekky, lunch, dinner and after dark ? having said this, I like the rooms of the house, garden, and food genres as well…could also genre by beverage eg. aperitif, fine wine, rotgut, top shelf, happy hour special, duty-free gold, etc…?

  10. gizo Says:

    wow. You folk are a wonderful resource of… erm…. something interesting.
    Meatloaf: Meatloaf makes me laugh alot, as does the Jazz Chicken, and Duty Free Gold.
    Thank you all.

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