for my listening pleasure

26 September, 2006

I have spent the last couple of days listening to music of which the celebrated Mr K would not approve.

I have been spinning the breathy slowness of Spain and their lovely Blue Moods. Simple, with so much space that you have time to breathe between individual strings in a strum.

Also, I have been digging Toronto’s own lo-fi melancholy-man, Hayden. I’ve got ‘Skyscraper National Park’ going round and round and round. I love the simplicity of his instrumentation, and the way he can incorporate humble, honest stories into a song, with a chorus. I am going to get more of his records.


4 Responses to “for my listening pleasure”

  1. vetti Says:

    i have only heard a few hayden tracks, and like them very much. i’m sure mr. k can deal with you listening to whatever tunes you like, unless you go playing them at his house…?

  2. gizo Says:

    vett-star: I shall bring some more Hayden over this weekend for your listening pleasure. As you are a big fan of vinyl, I suggest you pop over to his website and follow the shop links to a potential source of the black spinny musical bits.

  3. Squozen Says:

    Wait, I don’t like now? wtf!

    so much h8!

  4. gizo Says:

    no, Squozen one. You just wouldn’t like Spain, or Hayden…

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