a happy day

22 September, 2006

Today our Clinical Supervisor came to see me with printer problems. No matter which input tray she selected, the printouts were always coming out from tray 3, the Letterhead tray. I solved the problem while she was in a meeting (Microsoft Word had tray 3 set as a default in Normal.dot, which seemed to override manual tray selection, go figure).

Later on, just before I went to get coffee, she came back to see me again, and said a thing that made me smile….

Happy Day


8 Responses to “a happy day”

  1. Squozen Says:

    …which is why it’s such a shame that you’re being downsized…

  2. gizo Says:

    hurrah for negativity! Also, blog something, ya turd!

  3. gruntski Says:

    YAY!! doesn’t it feel good to be acknowledged for the work you put in? It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. seebs Says:

    Geez, it’s sunny in your office isn’t it!

  5. antman Says:

    ….and someone spray painted on your office wall

  6. antman Says:

    oh, yeah…well done man!

  7. gruntski Says:

    What is the good Doctor giving you in your office?

  8. vetti Says:

    yay! i feel a warm glow just reading this…hope the sun continues to shine on you at work ( though if its this close, you’ll need protective clothing )

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