who wants to be a superhero?

21 September, 2006

Recently, Mr Seeber put us on to Stan Lee’s terribly silly reality TV show – Who wants to be a Super Hero? (Caution: Link contains Spoiler).

It got me thinking what SuperHero identity I would choose.

The Cuddleator

So, who is your alter-ego?


8 Responses to “who wants to be a superhero?”

  1. book boy Says:

    I would have thought a superhero with the special power of cuddling might be more, well, cuddly?

  2. gruntski Says:

    I tried to think of something that used the first letters of Melbourne Bitter, and could only come up with……

    MASTER BATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gizo Says:

    bookboy: He’s a lot cuddlier up close, you know..

    grunter: man, I almost deleted yr comment, ya rudey!

  4. seebs Says:

    You’ve gone soft XXXX. (Oops, did I just give away your true identity?)

    (edited by Cuddleator, to protect my True Identity) 

  5. seebs Says:

    Hey, we all seem to have the power to be…..

    THE PROCREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. gizo Says:

    seebs: ‘we all’? ALL? Do you know something I don’t know?
    (Cuddleator casts an enquiring glance acros the Atlantic)

  7. seebs Says:

    “All who are participating in this here ‘lil forum” (Book boy?)

    I believe the Antman is safe from your Papparazzi glances, Cuddleator.

  8. vetti Says:

    If you examine my most recent activities, I could be the cookalator ( a damn fine risotto ), the rubalator ( massages for the weary corporate traveller ), or the drinkalator ( kicking back with a nice vino ).

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