13 September, 2006

I’m rolling, baby!

many moods


5 Responses to “another”

  1. antman Says:

    what about 1’s and 2’s?
    Or does this comic imply that the first three activites make him happy?
    he needs ears

  2. gizo Says:

    antman. those “1’s and 2’s”, as you so sweetly put it, are in fact the invisible portion of the fourth phase.
    he doesn’t need ears. you cant make him conform, he’s a maverick!

  3. seebs Says:

    Aw, he looks so peaceful….

  4. seebs Says:

    It’s good to see the name Hardman Harvey’s sticking!

  5. vetti Says:

    what about burping? surely a hardman burps…

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