now we are six

6 September, 2006

Hard Man harvey clocked up 6 weeks today. Time flies, yet it stands still. It’s actually hard to remember a time when he wasn’t in the picture, and those visits from friends all seem like forever ago.

We did a little phot shoot on the bedroom floor in the morning light today, but I have yet to suck the photos off the camera and onto the Mac. When I do, I wont be posting them here, but you’ll all get to see them, my loving readers….


3 Responses to “now we are six”

  1. Squozen Says:

    Go go Flickr Export!!

    You’re definitely suggesting that we’re avoiding you and your satanic offspring, aren’t you? 😛

  2. vetti Says:

    happy 6 weeks harvster! we look forward to seeing you ( and mr and mrs gizo is bug ) again soon…

  3. gizo Says:

    @squozen: wha? I might take offence, if I knew what you were on about…

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