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5 September, 2006

Apologies for the silence.

A man I have never met died from a stingray barb to the heart. Another man I know quite well didn’t die from viral myocarditis. His son thought he was in hospital because he’d had a bad dream.

Last night I dreamed that I was a bird, circling above a choppy sea, watching the other birds fly close to a jagged cliff. There were black birds, and there were white birds. The white ones looked like blots of paint, Van Gogh style.

K has been making fleece pilchers (nappy holders) for Harvey. I have no photos, but I should, as they are rocking.

Due to a number of circumstances, I managed to put away a total of 5 pints for Harvey over the weekend. Goodness me….

The celebrated Mr K will be zoom-zooming around a racetrack near you today – wish him well.

We have received bounty in the mail – I have an olive WWNMOI Science T-shirt, and K has a red Ass Pants tee, along with a SnailBot on black. We are both happy and lucky.

The fabulous Pernice Brothers will soon be releasing their new CD, ‘Live a little‘. You can find out about it here, and pre-order it to get a bonus CD of demos and alternate mixes.

I have decided to learn Objective-C, the programming language of choice for Apple computers. I am going to try very hard to keep the momentum going, and avoid turning it into Brain Crack. I think I’ll try to write my own RSS feed-reader. I know that there are plenty of them going around, but none of them are written by me. It seems it would be a fairly simple place to start. And maybe one day I can bust out like Mark Pilgrim, and write the tools I want that dont yet exist.

There is a gently bubbling desire in our house to get our bikes fixed, and get riding again (with these folk)

Finally, I have subscribed to RRR, with the hope that I will win the MacBook, which I shall give to br.other, along with a copy of Jer’s Novel Writer, to help him kick his Brain Crack.

Oh, and for those of you who are intereseted; Harvey has been pooping, growing, crying, feeding, and winning us over with his smiles and gurgles.


7 Responses to “header update”

  1. Squozen Says:

    I can lend you the two Obj-C books I have if you’d like – they’re supposed to be some of the best you can get for the Mac. I dunno if they are, I succumbed to Brain Crack. 😦

  2. gizo Says:

    Dammit man! We’ve lost another one to the Crack! Dammit! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    (yeah, I’d love to borrow them, check yr email)

  3. antman Says:

    Programming language? I thought it was just a vitamin.
    Such things elude and exclude me.
    Cool shirts
    Definitely fix the bikes & get a Harvey seat

  4. gizo Says:

    @antman: You are a little poet, and I love you for it. We’ll have HardMan Harv on the bika as soon as the bikes are fixed, and his neck’s strong enough. Indeed.

  5. book boy Says:

    What’s wrong wit da bikes?
    I am a … I mean … I have tools.

  6. gizo Says:

    it’s just that the bikes have been sitting in the shed, unused, for a couple of years, and need cleaning and greasing, and, erm, you know, bike stuff..

  7. vetti Says:

    no apologies needed…you have been busy with much recently. i look forward to reading yr posts, no matter how frequent. yay for new tshirts and rrr ( boo to all those freeloaders who don’t subscribe ) and biking weather! happy for you to win the pooter – i’d like the case of wine or the year’s supply of vb original, if anyone’s listening?

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