br.other, can you spare him a thought

21 August, 2006

Just a quick note for anyone who might be passing: spare a thought for all of us out there who have a job interview at 3:45pm today.



10 Responses to “br.other, can you spare him a thought”

  1. vetti Says:

    what is this job interview of which you speak?? i’ll be instructing rmit photography students on folio presentation/archiving just then, but i’ll do my best…

  2. gruntski Says:

    At 3.45, I shall assume the correct posture and attitudinal respect due br.other during his inter.view. Then I will crack a

  3. gruntski Says:

    Position assumed, beer cra.cked. We are awaiting fee.dback for b.rot.her…

  4. gizo Says:

    Working from home again, sir?
    I shall let you know the outcome once the outcome is known to me.

  5. gruntski Says:

    Nah, I was speaking messy-forrically. I was at work pretending to open a can in Br.other’s honour. I got in trouble for belching, though… Gawd, anyone would think I worked at a respectable establishment…

  6. vetti Says:

    hoping for a good outcome – i have imbibed fine alcohol in br .other’s honour, and will continue to do so this fine evening ( not that i need an excuse, but hey…)

  7. book boy Says:

    Aww shucks guys. You’re all so sweet. The interview went reasonably well, I probably answered questions better than I have in the past. My main problem is that the other applicant(s) have more experience than me. I will probably know within a day or so. If you’re curious, the job is Information Librarian at Balwyn Library.

    Feel free to keep drinking in my honour right through the night!

    br.other bookboy

  8. gruntski Says:

    Conshida your rekqwest granteded…. Hey, tha’sh funnnny.

  9. br.other Says:

    Mmm. Well all that drinking failed to pay off. I missed out on the job. Feel free to keep on drinking though. I may join in – nothing like a depressant when you’re feeling a bit down.

  10. vetti Says:

    damn shame! will certainly keep drinking – twould be a shame to die of dehydration…if you’re ever in northcote, drop in for a bevvy!

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