the spring has almost sprung

14 August, 2006

I’ve been off work for 3 weeks now, and have just started the last week. We took little Harvey on a big walk today, because the weather has been so beautiful. With these sunny-yet-cool days, a newborn son, and blossom everywhere you look, I’m finding it very hard to muster up any desire to return to work. I do have about 20 weeks of sick leave up my sleeve, so maybe I’ll be getting ill again soon…..

The one thing that does excite me about returning to work is that my boss has had a meeting with Kinsman, our new manager (we were officially handballed to Computer Services back on the 1st of July). Mr Kinsman was apparently very enthusiastic, suggesting my contract would be turned into a permanent position, and that he would be sending me off on training courses. Training! That’s an almost unheard of phrase at my work, unless it’s on your own time, with your own money, and no reward.

Lastly, a look into the garden. The almond is covered in white blossom. The peaches and nectarines are in varying states of bud, with their pink blossoms ready to explode. The daphnes are still smelling marvellous, but are fading. We’ve had a burst of magpies, who have pushed out the miner birds, which is cause for much rejoicing. The blackbirds are seeking out nesting spots, and the males are having some rumbles to establish their dominance. The wattle has flowered and been a-buzz with bees, and is now heading towards seed, when it will be filled with Rosellas and the King Parrot, who will feast on the pods.

I also hear whispers of a New Blog being born…..


6 Responses to “the spring has almost sprung”

  1. vetti Says:

    the world is a beautiful place…returning to work just seems so alien. if/when you do, hope the new role is rewarding and interesting. will have a word to mr renovator of st kilda re getting banana plants for your oasis. new blog eh? hmmm….

  2. br.other Says:

    Yay for long walks with Harvey!
    A new blog?
    I can hardly wait!
    I hope it’s a good one

  3. gizo Says:

    wow. Two comments, from the two people who might know something about this New Blog.

    It’s gonna rock, y’all

  4. gruntski Says:

    I could probably take a punt at the new blog topic, but I never was much of a Punter…I was more of a…..GRUNTER!!!!!! (you can throw up now).

  5. antman Says:


    September will bring us hurricanes…..

  6. seebs Says:

    Pre-paid training courses. You’ve gotta love that!

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