no more Lonely Nights

30 July, 2006

It’s Sunday, 12:23am. I’ve just got home from the hospital. Alone. Missed a few calls from people who don’t know/forgot the other phone number I have at the moment. Sorry Crumpet+Mr K. Sorry Andrea.

In 5 minutes from now, I will wander outside to put George in his Little Black Box for a few hours, to keep the neighboours happy, and then retire to bed alone. But it will be for the last time.

K and the Harv are coming home tomorrow morning. His jaundice isn’t too bad, and he’s feeding well, and everyone is happy with his progress. So I will return tomorrow morning, to collect him and his mother from their little room, and I shall bring them home. To this house. To this garden. To these chickens, this open space, and to our future.

Here begins the next stage.

(Don’t get me wrong though; the hospital and all the people there have been exceptionally brilliant. From Peter the obstetrician right through to Peter, the guy who pushed K’s trolley to the operating suite. Each and every person has been positive, helpful, encouraging, and thoughful. We’ve had the best help we could ask for. We just want to come home. Stand on our own feet. And introduce the Harv-ster to his life)


12 Responses to “no more Lonely Nights”

  1. Squozen Says:

    At least Kym doesn’t leave you for a month or more to go traipsing around the country! *glares at Crumpet*

  2. gruntski Says:

    Thanks to all Peters. The world needs more Peters. And Rudyards. And give the Harvster a kiss for me. 🙂

  3. seebs Says:

    I’m looking forward to coming over to watch a little “High 5” with the guy!

  4. gizo Says:

    seeber, you make me whince…

  5. seebs Says:

    Have you seen those laaadies on High 5? I need a kid to watch them with me, otherwise it’s just perving. Ok… it’s perving.

  6. gizo Says:

    He’s 5 times as noisy at home as he was in the hospital….. heh

  7. gruntski Says:

    it gets better… and smellier. Just wait til he has his first solids….YUMMO!!!

  8. vetti Says:

    am so happy that all is well, and that k and h are where they belong…hope to see you there soon. am watching the flaming lips doco – and planning what home cooked bounty to bring round. any requests? don’t email – can’t access on j’s monster laptop ( grrr ).

  9. gizo Says:

    Salad? Aut did make us a bounty of pasta sauces and pies and soups, and they’re all yummy, but heavy. Something light and tasty would be good, but only if you want to, no pressure, of course. I’m about to change a anppy and hope he doesn’t pee all over us again. heh

  10. gizo Says:

    vetti: bloody IBM’s, when he gets home you should tell him to buy a Mac…. What about the miniature one? And has he not fixed the tower??

  11. vetti Says:

    the mini-pooter is in arkaroola with him, the big one is cactus – but it is 10yr old…ibm?mebbe i’ll call support line tonight if i can be bothered. do you, or anyone out there want free banana plants? available v soon, just tell me how many. hope you don’t get peed on today? too much anyway?

  12. gruntski Says:

    Hey Giz, when’s the next post? I’d wager on the title being something along the lines of “Sleep Depravation and it’s affect on sanity”. Or something.

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