Harvey’s Pint

26 July, 2006

I stopped off at The Oak on the way home tonight to raise a pint of the Old Speckled Hen to the name of Harvey Joseph.

Cheers, Harvey. I hope you enjoy your life as much as I have enjoyed it this far.


13 Responses to “Harvey’s Pint”

  1. crumpet Says:

    😀 😀 😀

  2. gizo Says:

    You know, after all this time, and a shower, and whatever else, I can still smell him. It’s sooooo cool…. Everything I do reminds me of him.

    I’m tearing-up all over the place (rhymes with beering up). He rocks.

  3. gruntski Says:

    When I get to Melb, we’ll do some beering up, which may lead to tearing up…either pronunciation will do

  4. bro.the.r Says:

    I hereby and forthwith officially nominate thyself for the official role of “Harvey’s Favourite Uncle”.

    If either of the Bellamy brothers think they can muscle me out of it, I’ll see them in the THUNDERDOME!!!! (no sharp weapons allowed)

    Or maybe we can share?

  5. Squozen Says:

    The phone call with Giz last night was the only time I can remember EVER speaking with him without a hint of sarcasm on his part. Was rather nice. 🙂

  6. seebs Says:

    Me so happy. I think I’m going to explode. Bgug..g..g..g..g.
    No……… no I, I’m ok now. I’m still chuffed for you both!!

    I totally get Squozen’s comment. It was a nice change wasn’t it?

  7. gizo Says:

    I’m a new man. I love you all equally, and kittens also…… 😉

    There’s all these people who reckon that the whole birth process is a surreal experience. I thnk that they’re wrong. I’d say it was HyperReal. It was so intense. Like a primal scream with your face up against a wall. For 18 hours… But that’s not even half of what it was like. there really is no way to describe it… I know there’s a few people here who will be discovering this for themselves soon.. Enjoy it folks, write it down. It’s freaking amazing.

  8. br.oth.er Says:

    _You_ think the birth process was tough?

    My understanding of this is still a bit undeveloped, but didn’t you have the easy bit? I thought us guys got the easy bit? Please tell me we get the easy bit! I don’t want to do the hard bit.

  9. antman Says:

    (H)appy (J)oyous (G)iddy


  10. gizo Says:

    I dont think there is any easy bit, brother.mine, it’s an ‘all in’ affair really. The only thing that comes easily is the tears…..

    antman: patience is a virtue, you know…. and 18 hours isn’t that long compared to some…

  11. gruntski Says:

    44, thanks for askin’- they sent us home half way through so Da Ex could get some rest in a personal and relaxed environment…. Poor women…

  12. crumpet Says:

    All I know is that I took 4 hours to be born. And I hope that any children I may have take their lead from that little effort…

  13. […] To finish it all off, I learned some new tricks this week in my first Artist Books class. And Giz mentioned wanting to write it all down, so I made a little book. It folds out to the size of a big sheet of paper, and also has two signatures sewn in for more straightforward writing. The gosling is a solvent transfer from my drawing. […]

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