slowly, slowly….

20 July, 2006

I am still excited about Django. It’s got alot going for it: the admin interface won me. I like it so much that I am in the process of installing it (and sundries) on my shiny ‘pooter. I’m hoping to use it for the new Steinbecks website (which I would like to get done before the new album comes out), and for the Reversers (if/when they get their act together).

However. The impending arrival of the Gosling, the garden, and the plethora of other things on my plate at the moment is making my progress somewhat slow. I have also blown my download limit this month, and so everything is travelling at the pace of a snail. Ouch.


5 Responses to “slowly, slowly….”

  1. vetti Says:

    ouch indeed – why is it that there are so many “other things” to do these days? there never seem enough time

  2. Says:

    Ahhhh, so many high-level Python Web frameworks, so little time.

    If I had a dollar for every time I was too busy to work with a high-level Python web framework, I’d be a poor man by now.


  3. seebs Says:

    I used to work on the old Python Frameworks back in the day. Mate, it’s not worth the trouble I tell ya. Great for leather boots, but that’s about it…

  4. gruntski Says:

    That’s a kind of snake, ain’t it?

  5. gruntski Says:

    To all in the Gizo clan: best wishes, sincerely meant.

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