Souvlaki killed the Video Star

16 July, 2006

Saturday was a rainy, rainy day. Too wet by far to be standing in a vacant block with all the band gear and a couple of Very Expensive Cameras the We Don’t Own.

Luckily there was a Plan B. It involved coffee, cake, a gas heater, and the rough mixes of the new album. The only outstanding negative was the impending baby.

Fate once again played a helping hand, and a startling revelation was made: The House of Steinbeck is only minutes away from Hollywood Palace – home to some of the finest Souvlaki in Melbourne. As luck would have it, my dear wife had a hankering for some lamb and garlic sauce.

Before we knew it, we were wrist-deep in delectable, dripping garlic sauce and crispy lamb.

The album, which was almost forgotten beneath the souvlaki goodness, is sounding great. Over the last few weeks, the guys have added some great finishing touches; well placed handclaps, tambourines, and some gorgeous backing melodies.

In the hands of a good mixer, this is going to sound great. I truly reckon we might even get some airtime on RRR. All we need now is a truckload of Cash to pay for a few days at Sing Sing and a champion mixer (no names yet, but maybe a big name).

More to follow……


One Response to “Souvlaki killed the Video Star”

  1. vetti Says:

    Hooray for new releases! Did you notice Mr. Hollywood Palace? He looks more pregnant than Mrs Bug…

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