music television

14 July, 2006

Well, the baby is a day overdue, tomorrow it will be two days overdue. Tomorrow is also the day that The Steinbecks are filming the video for our upcoming hit single – ‘The Doppler Effect’ – featuring The Lucksmiths’ own Tali White.

We’ve organised the presence of Matt Sigley, Tali, and our very own Jedi, Daryl Munton to do the filming.

What’s missing from this star-studded lineup? Me. That’s right. I think I’ll be absent, comforting my wife. Being on standby.

So keep your eyes open later this year for The Doppler Effect video – sans gizo.

(Oh, and just so no-one gets the wrong idea – I’d rather have a baby than a videoclip. This is a choice I have made, not one I have had thrust upon me)


4 Responses to “music television”

  1. seebs Says:

    You will always be “RocknRoll” in our eyes. Even without the makeup.

  2. gruntski Says:

    Yay for responsible pre-birth parenting… It is a pity that the vid couldn’t be postponed, though.

  3. gizo Says:

    gruntski: It is a pity, yes. But rock’n’roll waits for no man, or baby. We’ve got to get the single + b-side mixed and pressed and the video sorted also ASAP. Our good friends at Drive-In/MicroIndie are waiting with chequebooks at the ready….

  4. vetti Says:

    vid schmid – what really rocks is that you want to be there for your lady. i know you are a guitar-wielding god – remember the beck catwalk moves? i do!

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