26 June, 2006

We got a letter visitor from the council, who was responding to complaints about the increased Rooster-age over the last few weeks.

The story in short – The council has friendly and encouraging representatives. My surrounding neighbours are bad-tempered. George has to be quiet or be gone.

We have built a blackout-box for him, which is small and dark, and it hurts us to put him in it each night. But it does seem to keep him quiet until we let him out at a more decent hour.

Now we just have to hope that the half-a-dozen OTHER roosters in the neighbourhood don’t upset our precious motorbike-driving, dog barking, subourban and coke drinking, commercial radio listening neanderthals.¬†


5 Responses to “Grrr”

  1. Gruntski Says:

    That sucks…

    but the subourbon and coke thing gets an additional 20 bonus points.

  2. gizo Says:

    Yeah, I should really give credit to the Seeber and Sexxy-Lexy for the Subourban and Coke line though. Thanks fellas.

  3. Gruntski Says:

    Ahhhh…Plagiarism…..I will, of course, have to subtract those 20 Bonus Points, and credit them to Seebs and Lexicon…..

    Your Account currently stands at 2,363,127 points. If you crack the 3Million point barrier, you stand a chance to win a FREE RUBBER


  4. crumpet Says:

    Ah, I remember the heart-wrenching days of dog-barking letters from the council. Then we moved from the east side of town to the north side of town, where nobody gives two shits. It’s one of the few good things about living in Preston.

    Poor George.

  5. vetti Says:

    Poor George – locked up due to knuckle dragging neighbours. Pity the extra “beauty sleep” they get won’t make a lick o difference…Subourbon and coke and takeout don’t do nobody no good – especially with a ciggie or ten for dessert….Rock on George, the world needs your roostery goodness!

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