19 May, 2006

We interupt your normally scheduled blogreading for this brief announcement.

Welcome to the fold, George.

We have a new family member, who we call George. George is a Belgian Bantam Rooster. He was brought to us by the compassion of my dear wife, who couldn't stand to see him bleeding in a cage, being yelled at and harrassed.

So now he is biggin' it up amongst our hens, and cock-a-doodle-dooing all morning.

Yay for George.

(We're too lazy to get the camera going at the moment, so instead, check out the Belgian Bantam Fanciers Forum, which has a picture of similar in the logo.


5 Responses to “introducing……”

  1. Gruntski Says:

    Is this where I get away with saying "SHOW US YOUR COCK"???

    [edited by giz to remove hideous profanities] 

  2. Gruntski Says:

    That’s not fair- You said the word COCK, except you said it in LITTLE LETTERS.

  3. vetti Says:

    Welcome George! Live it up buddy, life’s gonna be peachy in Kym ‘n’ Andy’s barnyard…

  4. Squozen Says:


  5. vetti Says:

    i’ve seen pictures! george rocks!

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