life imitates art

13 April, 2006

Wednesday was a day too nice to be at work. So I didn't go.

Instead, I took my dear wifey off for a wonderful breakfast at Flavours of Lakhoum in Richmond. Turkish sausage and amazing coffee. Go there, all of you.

And then, for the 'piece of resistance', we headed in to NGV to catch the Pissarro exhibition.

Amazing stuff. A nice span of work, from provincial french through portraiture onto industrial city scenes. My dear wife noted that Pissarro was a big influence in her love of vege gardens and fruit trees; his rural landscapes do tend to focus on the farms and gardens.

I was struck by some of his etchings, notably the haystacks in autumn twilight. This etching has been printed in 4 colours, and make an enticing set. The prussian blue print really grabs a sense of foreboding in the clouds, and the long shadows are suitably moody. I am glad we got to see all four together, as they usually belong to two separate collectinos (in Ottowa and Boston).

I was also reminded of Squozen's recent dialogue 'on trying': there are a couple of sketches for later works, which is always a good reminder that these things take effort and planning.

We also popped in to see the 'Drawn' series from the gallery's collection, which included some sculptors sketches, and some more studies for later works. The Henry Moore studies for sculptures stood out for me.

After this, we returned home to sit in the sun, contemplate our garden, and feed grapes to the chickens.

In summary; get thee to the gallery, $18 ain't much to see the works of the 'father of impressionism'. Really, it's worth it alone for the Haystacks etchings, and the studies of the Louvre from 1900-1902.


2 Responses to “life imitates art”

  1. vetti Says:

    thank you – it sounds like the perfect day. a big chunk of my wednesday was spent pretending to be a grown-up, and instructing library tech students on the finer points of archiving. i don’t mind doing the workshops, but i feel sort of up/perky/vibrant/fake at the same time. odd really.

  2. crumpet Says:

    I need to head to the NGV International soon to see the Kentridge exhibition. I may as well check out Pissarro while I’m there. I kind of like just looking at the hugely enlarged detail versions on the tram stop ads though. Bigger than life brushstrokes = teh pretty. 🙂

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