music to my tastebuds

8 March, 2006

Picture yourself slaving away over a hot PC, cursing Microsoft Windows, and pathetic NEC desktop computers.

Picture the phone ringing, you answering, and the voice of yr loved one saying:

“You fancy a curry tonight? Because I’d love a curry. Can you pick up a curry on the way home?”

Oh, Agra Sweet, I love you forever….


3 Responses to “music to my tastebuds”

  1. vetti Says:

    gotta love a good takeaway! takes yr mind off how crap yr comuter equipment at work is – mine would be considered antique by most people. i will soon be in my own office! cool eh?

  2. vetti Says:

    Mmmm tasty curry…hungry (Joffa)…

  3. vetti Says:

    giz, no posts in awhile – don’t you like us anymore?

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