on call log

27 February, 2006

Friday 24th – 8:20pm – Thai Tables Restaurant, waiting for main course. Trouble with analyser interface, ditch dinner, go home, dial in, call lab, advise shutdown + restart PC. Called back in 10 minutes ‘I shut down the PC, and now that screen has gone black’…… No further comment….

Saturday 25th 3:30pm – Sever storm, power surges, interface controllers die. Dial in, restart.

Sunday 2th 1:07am – ‘Lab system not connecting, please respond’. Paged to a phone number that isn’t manned on weekends. Twice. At an external lab that has problems with bad weather due to microwave connection.

Sunday 27th 4:30pm – Transaction processor down. Problem: The Canadian
Sunday 27th 5:15pm – Requests not downloading to analysers. Problem: The Canadian
Sunday 27th 6:00pm – Specimens locking and hanging screens. Problem: probably the Canadian
Sunday 27th 6:15pm – More locking. Problem: User error, unlock these yrself.

Yay for on-call!!


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