Meeting the madness head-on

23 February, 2006

Big news, my army of fans.

I just received formal notice of my first meeting. I’m now an integral member of the ‘Pathology Web Group’, who are responsible for our intranet and internet sites.

Included with the first agenda was a copy of the Terms of Reference for the Pathology Web Team, and it includes the word ‘quorum’. Utter brilliance.

Update: Just got informed that the original name was to be ‘Pathology Internet/Intranet Group’, but someone didn’t think PIIG was a good acronym.


One Response to “Meeting the madness head-on”

  1. vetti Says:

    meetings eh? i know someone who naps on the padded cover of his crumpler during dull meetings. hopefully your experience will be better than his…

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