i’m an ideas man

15 February, 2006

So I got into a bit of a pointless debate about extra-terrestrial life over on AppleTalk AU, and came up with this little gem of an idea.

The only way this little ‘flying rock which harbours life’ theory could make any sense is if it was an earth rock that got dislodged, flew around in space, then fell through some sort of rift in the space-time continuum and landed back on earth millions of years before it left. A full circle of life theory indeed.

Which would actually be a pretty sweet idea for a sci-fi novel, don’t you think? Increase the evolutionary cycle-speed, make the rock dislodged by a ‘we destroyed our own world’ type of event, and, hey pesto, you’ve got yourself a short story in which to explore the idea of pre-determination. You could add a pleasant twist by incorporating a different apocalyptic event if you like. Ergo, it’s not the nature of the people that continually cause the same end-result, but destiny is destiny.

It may be a little too Asimov (or is it Arthur C Clarke?), perhaps, but I’m happy with that for a Wednesday arvo.

So that’s my idea for today. You may take it if you like, but if you turn it into a real thing, could you send me a copy? Cheers


3 Responses to “i’m an ideas man”

  1. vetti Says:

    sounds like a neat twist on the whole mysterious planet/time-slip/destiny thang…now who to write it? i wouldn’t mind seeing what philip k dick would do with this. however, dead people don’t write much…maybe greg egan, for a touch of aussie sci-fi ?

  2. chartreuse Says:

    i say you think screenplay (do people still read?) and get Brad Pitt and a token black guy (Samuel L Jackson) to star. Love interest would be Liv Tyler. Play up the big Earth explosion and downplay the pre-determination part.

    The movie will probably flop at the box office but do wonders as a DVD…

    Call my agent and we’ll have lunch. 🙂

  3. Squozen Says:

    damn you fools, damn you all to hell, you blew it up!

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