gigging in the free world (or, Sigley Sigley Sigley)

11 February, 2006

Yep. you heard it right. After a good 18 months away from the stage, the Steinbecks are returning to gigland.

Thursday the 23rd of February, at the Rob Roy in Fitzroy.

  • The Lovetones (featuring Matt Sigley)
  • The Daytime Frequency (Featuring Matt Sigley)
  • the Steinbecks (we’re going to try to get Matt to tinkle the ivories for us a bit also)

It’ll be fun, and you should definately come along. Hear the ‘becks blow out a few cobwebs, and rock the stage with a cover of our favourite Big Dumb Pop Song of the moment.


4 Responses to “gigging in the free world (or, Sigley Sigley Sigley)”

  1. crumpet Says:

    can we make the gig my birthday party as well? cos that would be cool.

  2. crumpet Says:

    scratch that. apparently things for my birthday party have already been set into motion…

  3. gizo Says:

    you can still come along and dance though. and i’ll buy you a birthday beer.

  4. vetti Says:

    gigtastic news…its been so long! celebratory beers all round…

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