the devil with the green eyes

10 February, 2006


So I have been playing with Django at work, and toying with the idea of using it to create a new webpage for the Steinbecks (the current one works, but the HTML is scary). It’ll take a fair bit of work to convince the guys that lots of data is a good thing, but I’ll give it a go. Then I’ll need to find a webhost who is darn cheap, and provides a database and lets me use python.

Anywho, in the course of researching the wonderful Django framework, I came across the 7 minute screencast by Tom Dyson.

And here’s where the green eyes surface. Tom has done a lovely job, and he obviously knows what he’s talking about. So by chance, I have discovered a guy who:

  • is smarter than me
  • has a sexier accent than me
  • has a prettier computer than me

and, to top it all off, he’s also part of the Sound of Northwood, who make prettier music than me.



3 Responses to “the devil with the green eyes”

  1. Squozen Says:

    and he uses H.264, proving that he truly is a man for all seasons…

    *hugs H.264*

  2. crumpet Says:

    I use SmartArtist for my web hosting. They’re probably not the absolute cheapest that you can get, but they have a good range of options, are an Australian company and have excellent service.

  3. vetti Says:

    don’t weep-he’s probably a right tosser.

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