that was the weekend that was (part 3)

1 February, 2006

Well, I’ve been assaulted by my legion of readers, all wanting to know what happened to me on Sunday, the last day of the weekend.

So here we go……

It actually went quite well. We slept in, which was surprising, given that we were on the folks’ dinky little double bed (why do these things exist?). Had a shower, and then of course, I got paged by work. This turned out to be a different problem again, and not a huge issue to solve; just more dialling in at 14.4kBp/s and drinking coffee.

After that little delay, we hoiked a single bed onto dad’s truck, dropped it off at Brother Mine’s place, and headed back to our little burst water pipe homestead. The sun was out, and the air was muggy from the rain, and I was kneeling in mud wearing my little (Warwick) Kappa shorts, brandishing a hacksaw.

We sawed our way through the rusty old galvanised pipe, and then applied the Carrington monkey wrench (they don’t make them like that anymore). I made good usage of the extra 5 kilo’s I’ve put on since my new job, and gradually loosened the pipe and unscrewed it. Our hearts were in our mouths as Dad pulled out his trusty little threaded pipe plug, hoping against hope that it was the right size.

It was, which was handy, because our local hardware store is closed on Sundays, which would have meant a trip to hell Bunnings. The plug was screwed in, the water turned on, the hot water service re-ignited, and we were happy as Larry (Emdur).

Had a quick shower, and made it to M+D’s place in time for the most scrumptious apple tea cake imaginable. Yay! Mrs Gizo helped a little person overcome fear of bikes, and we had an all round good time. Then we had to leave too early for my father-in-law’s birthday dinner (with all together too much gravy).

And then, sleep. Sweet, elusive sleep.


One Response to “that was the weekend that was (part 3)”

  1. vetti Says:

    suburban plumbing solutions without a trip to bunnings – a heartwarming story with heritage tools. 5 stars!

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