birthday list

19 January, 2006

Alrighty, so Crumpet has just cunningly let us know that her birthday is incredibly close at hand, so I thought I’d usurp the whole gifty feeling by coming out with my birthday wishlist right now. I’m riding someone elses wave, I know. Deal with it.

And here it is…..

  • The Flaming Lips – ‘The Soft Bullettin 5.1’ DVD – It’s due to be released on January 31, which is quite a while before my birthday, but seeing as how I have no money, I am happy to wait for everyone else to pitch in a get it for me.
  • A 5.1 home cinema set-up, on which to watch/listen and get full effect from the above

As always, my tongue is in my cheek, and I am just happy to have wonderful friends.

PS: A special heads up to the Vett-Star for spotting the DVD for me, I am out of touch.


4 Responses to “birthday list”

  1. crumpet Says:

    Mr Crumpet’s first comment when he saw this post — “OMG, he wants the 5.1 version too!”

  2. gizo Says:

    it’s one of the finest albums ever made, why wouldn’t everyone want it?

  3. crumpet Says:

    Mr Crumpet’s sister gave it back to us when we gave her a free spare copy that we had. She didn’t like it. I felt a strong urge to disown her.

  4. vetti Says:

    ’tis a fine album – i’d put it on my bday list too, if i had one! would be even better viewed outdoors – i dunno, a backyard, the cameo summer cinema, whatever…

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