Letters to the foetus. Part 1

13 January, 2006

Well, it’s been 14 weeks, and I have said nothing. Sometimes I live with the fear that I have nothing to say.

Anywho, the garden is getting along slowly. I spent day last weekend ripping out the last of the Agatha’s Panties, now I have made a mess on the driveway (but it’s okay, as we have two driveways, being the hoity-toity that we are).

I was on-call for the first time last night. Nothing happened, other than me waking up a few times in the night panicking that I had missed a call. I’m still worried that I don’t know enough to solve anything that might go wrong overnight anyway, so it’ll be an interesting time if something does break.

I miss the music as well. I haven’t been a good friend to my guitar, or to my muscial friends. I am supposed to be working on the new Steinbecks album, but have been too easily pre-occupied, and have let myself slide. The toshiro>gizo project has also suffered enormously. There is also the Reversers initiative, which hasn’t even looked like getting off the ground.

And to top it off, I have been playing around with using the word ‘malediction’ in a song for years now.
‘you lost yrself in melody, and I in malediction, baby’. That’s all well and good, but I was listening to a Steve Malkmus CD that I just bought, and he’s used the damn word. Bah.


2 Responses to “Letters to the foetus. Part 1”

  1. Squozen Says:

    today i sang ‘i will never fly as high as you but i will never sink so low’

  2. vetti Says:

    have you checked out the random surrealism generator? a spot of book cricket may help also…dictionaries ahoy!

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