as advised by the doctor

7 December, 2005

While some people were setting off illegal fireworks in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, I was being indoctrinated by the Good Doctor in the ways of pop. This is not entirely true. Doctor Rowles and myself both tend to skip around the outer fringes of popular musical culture, sometimes only narrowly avoiding the main stream. The interesting news is, that we both tend to skip in different directions. I sometimes imagine that there are two types of people: those who listen to music I like, and those who listen to music I dislike. I tend to forget the third grouping; those who listen to music I have never heard.

The Doctor fits into this category. Sure, we both cut our teeth on Pavement and the Sebadoh; but we’ve drifted different directions around the swirling waters of pop. Nowadays, while I am listening to the barnsound of My Morning Jacket, the Doc is bopping away to Death Cab for Cutie, and while I swim in the mild-melancholy of the Pernice Brothers, he is listening to someone I don’t even know the name of (but they’re probably from North Carolina).

Until now. I have been loaned a CD. By the Doctor. ‘The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone’, by (the?) Apples in Stereo. I have been thinking for a few days of how best to describe it. I came up with the following: ‘wow’.

I initially thought it was my old man ears dying, but it seems that this album is joyfully dancing in treble, it’s awash with the stuff, so crisp and bitey. There’s a plentiful supply of Hey-La’s, Na-Na’s, and Ooh-Wah’s, complemented by some of the New Psychadelica. It’s always a pleasure to listen to melody-driven pop like this.

So yay, and thank-you, Good Doctor Rowles.


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